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Another day in pictures

So, I’m still, you know, whatever, or lazy, something.  So, I figured why no continue the “Day in Pictures” theme?  I mean, it’s easy to take pictures that mostly no one will care about but me, and even easier to post them to a blog.  So, yeah, it’s money. I thought this guy was pretty […]

A day in pictures

I know I’m supposed to be a words guy and everything, but there’s no time for the customary 1000-word dissertation on the nature of bar soap today.  So I took some pictures.  Now, trust me, there’s pretty much no one likely to ever mistake my photography skill for, well, skill.  No one, at least, that […]

Saturday Debate: The To-Do List

As is probably apparent, I’m running pretty behind the usual Saturday Debate posting schedule today.  Actually, considering it’s currently 8 PM and I usually post around 2, I supposed “pretty behind” is kind of an understatement. It might also be commentary on someone’s derrière, but that’s neither here nor there. So, this is the first […]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Surprisingly, even after putting that title up there, I’m not going to go on and on about a bar today.  I am, however, going to talk about beer.  Because it’s Thursday, right?  And I talk about beer on Thursday.  Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that Thursday is beer day…or something.  In fact, […]

The solstice and my raging pink scalp of doom

If I recall correctly, tomorrow, June 20th, is the summer solstice for those of us here on planet Earth.  You Beta Hydroxians only have one planetary revolution every 60 years, so I’m afraid your next solstice is roughly 23 years off.  But that’s okay, you can have a pint or six of bitter with us […]

Gone golfin’ (with Bonus! related haiku)

I’m so sorry there hasn’t been anything in the way of a Monday post today, but I was busy.  Busy, recreatin’, that is.  I took the day off from work and beat a helpless and otherwise undeserving bunch of golf balls around a course today with my brothers and dad. Sure it was nearly 90 […]

Saturday Debate: Chewing gum

Image courtesy of I suppose I could take the easy way out with today’s Saturday Debate, since Father’s Day is tomorrow and all.  If you’ll recall, last month for Mother’s Day, I stooped so low as to offer you this silly thing. But, as I am a father and also, not coincidentally, have a […]

Why #twitter rules (abridged) and why writers need it (or The day #askagent EXPLODED)

Image courtesy twitterand Wikipedia For more than a year now, I’ve had a post about twitter in mind.  I was considering perhaps an explanation of what I find so appealing about it or a piece comparing/contrasting it with facebook.  Yet, all that time, the wordless draft has been sitting on the server, alone and seemingly […]

Redemption IS possible, isn’t it?

If you’ve read the older posts I wrote for Hoperatives,  you might recall that once upon a time, I had a bit of an incident where I accidentally overindulged in a too much very tasty Commodore Perry IPA from Great Lakes Brewing Co.  The next morning, after I realized my mistake, I swore off ever […]

A single night off, and fixing The Phantom Menace with…baseball

It’s a miracle, I tell ya, a datgummed miracle!  I never thought I would see the day dawn, but here we are:  tonight, after my rush-hour traffic commute, I get to stay home. Let’s all say that again, together. I. Get. To. Stay. Home. No baseball games. No dance classes. No summer camp sign-in lines. […]