Stuff and things and other things (again)

If you happened to be a particularly mean and/or nasty person, you know, the sort of type-A, it’s-all-about-me, shaking-a-finger-while-wagging-your-head-on-camera-doing-your-Bridezillas-thing, you probably wouldn’t be able to restrain yourself from pointing out, potentially loudly, that I’ve been a terrible blogger recently.

I expect it’d be something like, “Mmmm-mmm, my baby-daddy blogs more than you do, and he’s all locked-up for some B & E charge he didn’t even do.  Now, get over here and tell me how smokin’ hot I look in my wedding dress or you’ll be ruining my wedding!”

Or at least, that’s what Bridezillas seems to be like.  I only catch snippets of it when I cross the room.

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Annnyway…the fact is I have been a not-so great blogger-type lately.  I danced around it on Monday in the Great Pumpkin Debate, which itself is Exhibit A of my recent bloggery sloth*.  Not to mention that I haven’t written a post since that one on Monday, and here we are, smack in the middle of Thursday.

I’d like to tell that my recent promotion up the ranks in the often dangerous but always suave world of international espionage has kept me from doing my thing at the keyboard.  You know, because scaling skyscrapers in Dubai with suction cups can make it difficult to type.

Alas, the truth is sadly much less interesting.  The fact is, what you’re seeing is the beginning of an unavoidable trend.  I’m going to be going light on posts around here for a little while, probably until about the end of the year. See, the thing is, I’ve been working a second book, a non-fiction one (which I’ve mentioned before).  But…








The time, however, has come to stop the dragging of my feet.  So for the next month or so, I’m putting the full-court press on Mr. Non-Fiction.  I’ve given myself a deadline for a Draft Zero, and I damn sure intend to meet it one way or the other.  And unfortunately, if that means that many Bothans have to die to make that possible, that’s the price you pay.  Err…wait, I guess no one’s actually in peril here.  But, whatever.  You know what I mean.

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The bottom line is, the book’s gotta get done.  Especially because I’m starting to get itchy to work on the novel after it.

So, before the end of the year, I want to finish one book, start and finish** a second one, all while keeping up my regular contributions to other outlets like and Daugherty’s The Morning Line.  Speaking of which, I have a new post over at Hoperatives today about something very exciting happening next month at Arthur’s Cafe in Hyde Park.  Oh, and I did forget to mention my new gig as one of Daugherty’s beer guys?  For at least the rest of the Bengal’s season, I’ll be offering beer weekly suggestions related to that weekend’s opponent.  For instance, in this morning’s TML, I take a look at what to quaff in honor of the upcoming game Sunday against the Redskins.

Oh, and I’ve got this whole running thing too…

The long and short of all this is not to be a Whiney McWhinerson who’s all, “Dude, I am, like, soooo busy here.”  Because, seriously, I love all this stuff I’m doing.  It makes me feel like maybe I’m not wasting my one rollercoaster ride on this little blue planet on mindless nonsense interrupted with the occasional mouthful of processed cheese-paste from a squeeze can.  However, there are only so many hours in the day, and sometimes a fellow has to set some priorities.

Like now.

So, for the next few months, I’ll be posting a little more sparsely around these parts.  It’s not like I’ll go a whole week and nothing but tumbleweeds will roll across the page like a deserted western town.  I mean, we’ve done this thing before, right?  You’ll still get the errant thought or commentary, and I’ll be sure to post links whenever I’ve whored myself out contributed to someone else’s blog.  And I’ll definitely be keeping up with the Weekend Debate.  Not that they every really espouse any actual, you know, debate, but they’re fun for me and it seems like you guys do enjoy answering the weekly nonsense poll.

To sum up: Whew!  Busy busy!  Not much time for posting these days.  Will catch up soon!  Look for more haiku.  Maybe some recipes too.  Because, well, why not?  In the meantime, go have some fun.  Enjoy the upcoming fall.

Just, you know, maybe try to stay away from the can of squeeze cheese.  That’s really not going to help your confidence much, is it?


*Totally an epic band name.  Some kind of speed metal, I’d think, but you know, lazy speed metal.
**No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.  More on that, later on. Maybe in a month or so.  Plans are still percolatin’

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  1. Just so you know, baby daddy is right up there with significant other and man cave. :-). I know, I’m OLD!!!


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