(An inexcusably tardy) Weekend Debate: Pumpkin Time

Yeah, I know, it’s Monday.  Which, you know, barring the odd three-day weekend isn’t so much the weekend anymore.  So what the Hell’s the point of having something called a “weekend debate” if I can’t even follow-through on the one basic underpinning of the entire premise?

Ahem.  Yes,  well, I recognize that you indeed have something of a point, there.  To which, I can only respond, uhhhh…sorry?

As I noted, Saturday was busy busy busy around here, and even after it stopped being busy, I was so struck with the differentness of the busy that I had to write about that rather than the usual weekend puff piece.  Yesterday wasn’t much better, and between running, making dinner, and playing hockey, and also generally insuring each of the kids each got some of my time during the day, there’s wasn’t any other time to wax poetic about some trivial point of debate.

So, here we are.  With Monday at hand.

And now, I think it’s time to talk pumpkins.

This is pretty much what it feels like to go out for a bite or a beverage this time of year.  Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

If you’re a craft beer guy like myself, for over a month now you’ve already been seeing the bulbous orange gourds plastered on what seems like every brown glass bottle in existence.  It’s not just beer, either.  That coffee chain everyone knows about rolled out their apparently crack-laden frothy beverage, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, a week or so ago too.  Heck, even all the best food bloggers have started in on the pumpkin action.  In other words, Teh Fall Time is Nowz!

So, then, here we are, surrounded by the warm, fragrant fog of pumpkiny-nutmegy-cinnamony goodness.

But then again, is it really goodness?

I know, I know.  Put down the pitchforks and torches.  Just hear me out.  Or, at the very least, if you can’t repress the murderous rage in your heart at the thought that someone might possibly not be a pumpkin aficionado, just ignore me for now.  Go back to watching The Voice with that somewhat glazed, slack-jawed look. 

Look, you can trust me; I’m plenty full-blooded ‘Merikan!  I loves me some pumpkins.  In fact, a good pumpkin pie makes me feel all fluttery in the special places.  But I’m just saying that maybe not everyone is ready to go The Full Monty with the pumpkin lovin’.

Err, wait; that didn’t come across quite right.  Even worse, I’ve given myself a wicked disturbing mental picture that may finally lead me across the finish line at the Crazytown 500.

Ahem.  Carrying on…

The fact is that of the enormous crazy collection of pumpkin beers out there, I think I really only enjoy two or three.  And even those I rarely would drink more than one of in a sitting.  Also, I have less use for pumpkin coffee than I do a third nipple.  Similarly, I know people who audibly roll their eyes when seeing the insane devotion many people have to the aforementioned crack latte.

Which brings me to the question of our latest (no-longer-the-) Weekend Debate.

Pumpkin-Spiced Food and Beverages: Manna from Heaven and Nectar of the Gods, or Over-Hype’d and Over-Spiced?

Now would be a good time for a poll:

Speak now, or forever wonder why you even own that pitchfork.