Diving down the rabbit hole and a haiku for A Memory of Light

I fully intended to write a real post today.  But then I went to my local Joseph Beth Bookseller at lunch and bought something.  Here it is, sitting on my desk this afternoon.

AMoLNo, I wasn’t reading it at work; that would have been unprofessional.  But, as I said yesterday, I’ve been waiting for it for more twenty years.  At this point I’m afraid that if I don’t keep a constant eye on it, the thing might vanish into thin air.

Speaking of vanishing, I’m about to vanish down a rabbit hole myself.  I’ll be reading for the next, I don’t know, 36 to 48 hours.  I’m hopeful I can completely avoid things like sleep and unnecessary interruptions, such as, you know, showers and family.

Oh, and for those of you who expressed concern yesterday that it looked like adding the book to my shelf might be a tight squeeze (this includes me), you’ll be glad to know that the fit is just about perfect.


In parting, allow me to offer you this haiku. Because haiku are short, see. I can make one up in the amount of time it takes to, I don’t know, pour myself a nice glass of book-reading companion beverage. For instance, in the time it took to concoct this…

Twenty-plus long years
At last, the waiting is done
Now, The Last Battle.

I poured this:


Having said that, I’m going to take my freshly poured beverage and get knee-deep into A Memory of Light. As I posted on twitter today:

If you need me, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you, um, sometime.


P.S.: I promise this will be the last post about A Memory of Light.  It’s just kind of big thing for me, you know?

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  1. Believe me, I totally understand, and even tho’ I understand the direction you went in, I wish it had been ours to give, since I’m sure a lot of them have notes in them!!!!! 🙂


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