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A Shelf Complete and The Quest for Recommendations

Many of you have asked about the space I had waiting for A Memory of Light since I made such a big to-do about having my Wheel of Time shelf on the bookcase complete.  There didn’t see to be a ton space there, did A Memory of Light fit? Or did it have to be […]

Why I wish I wasn’t working today (not because it’s Monday) and other items of note

As is typical for a Monday, I’ve got lots of things running through my head today.  Some are thoughts informed by tidbits from the weekend past, like that final few crumbs of a morning muffin that gives just a hint of the enjoyment had previously.  Mmmm…double chocolate chip muffin. What?  Chocolate is too perfectly acceptable […]

Hydrocortisone looks like toothpaste (and 4 other things I learned this weekend)

It’s widely said that you learn something new every day. When I was younger, I had hopes that as I became an Actual Grown-Up ™, I might edge myself every closer to Knowing All The Things, thus making it less and less likely that acquire a new bit of information on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, […]

Diving down the rabbit hole and a haiku for A Memory of Light

I fully intended to write a real post today.  But then I went to my local Joseph Beth Bookseller at lunch and bought something.  Here it is, sitting on my desk this afternoon. No, I wasn’t reading it at work; that would have been unprofessional.  But, as I said yesterday, I’ve been waiting for it for more twenty years.  […]

Tomorrow has been 21 years in the making (Musings in advance of “A Memory of Light”)

I have a “special” shelf on my bookcase at home.  Not just any book is allowed on it.  In fact, the criteria is pretty specific: it’s reserved solely for the books in the Wheel of Time series. See that empty space there at the end?  My shelf is incomplete.  It’s always been incomplete.  Because the […]