A new craft brew and let’s play ball!

Every now and then you just happen to in the right place at the right time to learn something new.  Something that enriches your life, grabs you by the hair, calls you a worthless scumbug, smacks you a few times and then leaves you in the gutter overnight to contemplate just how awesome your life really is.  A few weeks ago, that exact kind of thing happened to me, when I stumbled across and new and excitement kind of craft beer: malt liquor.

I go into more detail in today’s post on Hoperatives.com, the first in a new series I’m calling Malt Liquor Monday.  In this particular entry, I wax poetic about 40 oz bottles and the aftertaste of Strydex pads in a glowing review for Colt 45.  Check it out!

Along more serious matters, today is, as every good Cincinnatian knows, Opening Day.  Sadly, I had a day trip to Connecticut for work which kept me from participating in the fun, but nonetheless, my heart is happy as a toddler with a new kitchen spoon and a set of pots to bang it on. So let’s hear it for our Reds, to the return of the boys of summer, and for a long (and hopefully successful) campaign of 162.


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