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Fortunately, The Socks (a Puddintopia Treatise on Turning 45 and NOT Quite Being The Rock)

This pair of socks is pretty much unlike anything I’ve worn so far this year, and not by accident. In fact, I’ve been saving them for today. Because kinda like these socks, today is a day a little unlike the others, and this post will follow accordingly. That is, I hope you can forgive me […]

This is (actually) 40

My four year-old son, The Attitude, apparently just started a new stage in life.  For the last few nights, he’s been slow to get to sleep and has been waking up tearfully in the middle of the night. Kind of reminds me of my twenties, but let’s not go there. In my son’s case, I’m […]

Running on Empty

Let me be absolutely, positively, crystal clear before I go any further: I loathe running.  I hate it with a fiery revulsion typically witnessed only by four year-olds staring down a bowl full of peas, or Republicans confronted with a full case of “Yes We Can” bumper stickers. To be fair, running doesn’t much like […]

39 Years: T-minus 365 days and counting

Because I am your classic type-B ego-monster (yes, I realize those two things don’t seem to go together…but ask the Puddinette, it fits me), when my birthday rolls around each year I prefer to avoid making a big pompy to-do (which is NOT to be confused with a big, poopy to-do), but yet feel compelled […]