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The Old Gimmick Meets The New

The Old Gimmick Meets The New

Hello waffles!

The Story of How I Broke My Arm In 4th Grade

I wrote a post today on Middle Grade Minded about writing for middle graders, and, more specifically, why I do it. If you’re curious, go check it out. As part of that discussion, I made reference to the time I broke my arm in the fourth grade, just as school got out for the summer. […]

Five things I learned pre-celebrating my 40th trip around the sun

As you undoubtedly gathered from Friday’s post about, well, I don’t know, reflux and other somewhat loosely related ramblings, I’ll be turning 40 this week.  Actually, tomorrow, to be specific about it.  Woohoo, indeed.  I’ve got party hats all picked out already.  I intend to mark the occasion with a Cub Scout meeting and my […]

I was mostly offline all weekend. Somehow I survived.

I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be wholly absent from the internet for something ridiculous like three entire days.  Seriously, three days of being mostly offline is akin to, I don’t know, going down in a bi-plane crash in the Congo in the 1920’s or something.  Which is to say, everyone will assume you’re […]

The dark, cold, grey expanse of another endless February lies before me…

Once again, the dark time is upon us.  The Super Bowl is over, and just like every year, the cold, sober, grey light of a February dawn brings the realization that I’m screwed. Football is over.  Baseball has yet to start. Basketball has little meaning until there’s a tournament involved, and I’ve got no sport […]