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A Limerick For Day 339

There once was a fella with ideas quite strange…

A Bad Limerick For Hot Dogs

There once was a fella with hot dog-ed feet…

A Poor Attempt To Sock Limerick

There once were some socks from today That I just couldn’t put back away With both stripes and some dots I liked the colors a lot And…I just don’t know what else to say

A Limerick For The Revision Quicksand In Chapter 30

The latest of my books is called Hermey. While revising, I’m mired in Chapter 30. With great fury, I’m rewriting, But the words, they are fighting! If I don’t fix 30 soon, I’ll go loony!

A Limerick In Awe Of Picture Book Authors

An ode to the picture book writer Who’s stories, next to mine, are much tighter I can ramble for pages About incontinent mages But with 300 words, they set fire!

A Limerick For Writers Who Let Things, Um, Deteriorate While Focused On A Project

There once was a writer-type guyWho awoke with his desk a pig styToasted crumbs filled the keysAnd with the scent of old cheeseHe got the cleaner and tried not to cry (Yep, I cleaned my desk today. Look! It’s shiny and dust-free! And, yes, that’s really an except from Project Tennyson. But no, I don’t […]

A limerick for coping with all the stuff I need to do this month

There once was a month named December,With more To-Dos in it than I could remember!So in a list, I wrote them down,But it’s length made me frown.So I torched that thing into an ember!

A Limerick To Warn Against Following Me On Social Media For the Last Weeks of Drafting a Novel

I’ve come to assume that it’s doubtlessYou’d prefer that my posts were word count-less.I should just be condemnedBut hey, look, M&Ms!Man. The suck of this limerick is boundless!

It turns out I’m not perfect. Neither are you. And that’s okay.

Sometime between 10:30 and 11 PM Monday night, I made the entire world stop around me—kind of like Hiro could do on that show Heroes?—so I could fix a problem with the poem I posted in honor of the Royal Mouth-To-Feed’s much-tweeted about entry into the realm of humans.  Seriously, someone was actually talking to […]

A limerick for the birth of a prince (not from Limerick)

There once was a prince with no nameWhose birth left our lives much the sameBut the Duchess and Dukeshould get used to baby puke‘Coz even little lords spit up the same! Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and, indeed, everyone welcoming a bouncy bundle of baby into the world recently. May all you […]