A Puddintopia Valentine’s Day Haiku

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Roses are, um, red
Violets are…oh, screw it
Point is, I ❤ you

I hope everyone manages to have a great Valentine’s Day, whether you buy into the commercially driven love-fest or not.  Whatever you do—and whatever your, um, situation—why not use today as an excuse to live life like a rockstar.  Just, you know, maybe without all the overdosing and the hotel room destruction.

Oh, and hey, if you’re looking for something a little meatier—aka wordier—for your Valentine’s Day enjoyment, why not check out last year’s totally-almost award-winning post: A Puddintopia Valentine.  In that one, you’ll find something closer to my typically excessive word count, artfully crafted into paragraphs like this one:

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite. In fact, for years I was a card-carrying member of the Valentine’s-Is-A-Stupid-Corporate-Trick-To-Sucker-You-Outta-Cash Club.  Back in my lonely bachelor days, I figured it was all an insidious plot to make me feel like a huge loser because all my friends were off having fancy dinners while I was treating myself to a Larosa’s “It’s Great After 8” special, a couple of VHS movie rentals (ask your parents if you don’t know what VHS means, and if you’re brave, ask aboutBetamax too) and a six-pack of beer.

I know it sounds pretty awesome, but it really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

So maybe check that out.  Either way, have yourself a happy little Valentine’s Day.  And remember, there’s nothing wrong with buying wine and chocolate for yourself, and that Hulu and Netflix will always love you for you are, holey, stained, sweatpants and all.


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    1. I certainly didn’t expect a Liebster award! Thank you SO MUCH for the nomination. I’ll do my best to make sure I’m worthy of it.


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