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Showing My Stripes (Without Any)

For more than 90% of the fans around The League, things didn’t really get started until today. As such, I was clearly obligated to wear socks appropriate for the Bengals’ first game of the year. If I’m being honest, I probably should have gotten a better pair to rep the team. This pattern of footballs […]

Thoughts About That Bengals Game

I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals fans since I was 8 years old. I’m almost 43 now, which means I’ve been WhoDey!-ing those orange and black stripes for something like 35 years. My fandom started, not surprisingly, in 1981. When the local team goes to the Super Bowl, it tends to have that effect on a […]

A Haiku For The Bengals Playoff Berth

So much determined Such regular season win! Bring it, damn Steelers.

Five Things About Current Events

It’s Monday. That’s the day that follows the weekend. So, yeah, the weekend is over.  And that makes exactly no people happy. Well, except that one guy, but no one really likes him.  Plus, have you seen the way he watches you when you’re eating Chinese food? It’s like, dude, get your own kung pao. […]

Being a parent means feasting on crow

If you have any plans to one day produce progeny of you very own and possibly even raise them, there are a lot of things no one is going to tell you.  Sure, just about everyone – especially your parents and the parents of your significant other – will be delighted for you and will […]

A Few Tidbits: Money, Cookies, Football and Beer (x2)

It was picture day for the kids today at school. Can you say, “Cha-ching?” Somehow I manage to forget this every year, but the long and short of life with several children of elementary  school – and quite possibly any K-12 – age is you’re basically just going to be penniless from the day school […]