The Difference Between Golf And Baking

Maybe last night wasn’t Thursday, my traditional cookie baking night, but since the do-over fairy let me down yesterday, I kicked customary to the curb and made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chips anyway. As it turns out, in respectable golf (which I admittedly have little experience with), you only get to take a mulligan […]

The Sounds Of Silence

La casa de Puddin was exceptionally, unusually, almost disturbingly quiet today. Sadly, not because the kids finally signed a peace accord to bring the “He Touched Me/She Won’t Stop Bossing Me Around” hostilities to an end, or even because they finally learned to appreciate a few moments of peace and quiet.  I know it seems […]

What I Saw On My Summer Vacation

I shaved this morning. Normally, of course, that would range on the Notable Activities list somewhere between “Clipped My Nails” and “Filled The Washer Fluid”.  It ain’t exactly compelling news to start a post with, is what I’m saying. Believe it not, though, it actually is kind of somewhat notable today—if only today—because I spent […]

A Little Oatmeal Cookie Is Good For The Soul

The inspiration to create—to make something using just your own two hands, whatever scant voltage happens to be huffing and puffing its way through your gray matter, and possibly a few raw materials—can strike anywhere, anytime, from the simplest of comments. For instance, today, the Puddinette sent me a text that just happened to mention […]

Universal Truth Of Adulthood, Number 87: MegaUltraUber Glue

At some point in the course of your adult life, you will—possibly against your will—be required to use SuperAmazeballsHolyCrumbsInsanity Glue to put one thing back into (hopefully) semi-permanent  contact with a second, more stationary/stable thing. However, when the moment arrives to break out that tube of uber gel with the adhesive properties so mind-blowing it […]

A Haiku Triplet For The Lightning Bug Days Of Summer

My friend wrote a book That ended counting fireflies I’ve never counted I’ve collected them Kept them in faux lantern jars But never counted Four decades of bugs Caught, marveled, released again Tonight, I’ll count them

But It’s All Going To Be Okay, Internet. Because Chocolate.

As it turns out, it’s Chocolate Day. Or National Chocolate Day? Or Lets Use This As A Thin Excuse To Gorge On Chocolate Day? Whatever. All I know is…brownies! And if that doesn’t cure your summer holiday hangover, my guess is you’re probably beyond all hope. Pud’n

That Big, Beautiful Space Above Your Head

I will largely be off doing things today, important, non-interwebsy type things, such as being an act-first-think-later style international master spy equally at home wearing a tuxedo as carrying a sniper rifle. Or maybe I’ll be out tracking that black bear that’s been making cameos in suburban Cincinnati this week. With luck, I can reunite […]

Some Days

Some days, the life of a part time writer is not so much about red carpets, adoring fans, or even pantlessness, midday whiskey, and the endless struggle to find a few perfect words to describe a simple thing with subtle elegance. Well, okay, so life is actually never any of those things for the part […]

My First Book: The Road To Reformation

Okay, so it’s “My First Book” only in the sense that it’s a book of my words and pictures I bound together with staples at 3:00 AM one night twenty-plus years ago.  Nope, I’m afraid this isn’t news about having one of my novels published, but instead a trip down memory lane, where I revisit […]